Progressive Insurance Review 2022: What You Need to Know


Progressive is a large, national insurance carrier

  • They offer a wide range of personal lines insurance, so if you have multiple insurance needs, “bundling” is an option
  • Progressive strives to offer innovative products using the latest technology

Progressive Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1937 in Cleveland, Ohio. Its founders, Joseph Lewis and Jack Green, wanted to offer automobile insurance to what they saw as an underserved market — insuring drivers perceived as riskier. It is now one of the largest auto insurance companies in the US, and offers policies through online purchasing, phone sales, or through independent agents.

Progressive strives to be an innovative company, introducing many industry “firsts.” They were the first company to offer a drive-in claims location, and were the first to offer low rates to drivers who had not had an accident. This practice is now considered standard policy in the industry.

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In 1993, Progressive was the first auto insurer to provide comparison rates, which became a core feature of the company’s advertising campaigns.

Progressive’s focus on technology has enabled the company to stay on the cutting edge of insurance offerings. They were the first auto insurance company to have a website, and the first to offer the capability to purchase insurance policies on the web. Smartphone apps to manage insurance accounts and policy details followed.

Progressive is widely recognized for its advertising campaigns, featuring a spunky and energetic woman named Flo, who in 2012 was named as a “Top Ten Female Ad Icons of All Time” by AdAge.

Where is Progressive Insurance Offered?

Progressive Insurance is offered online, over the phone, and through individual agents. Due to differing state regulations, some insurance products that Progressive offers are not available in every state. If you have questions about Progressive Insurance, the best thing to do is speak to an agent.

What Makes Progressive Different?

Progressive has several products and patents that distinguish its offerings from competitors. “Usage-based insurance” is one key area where Progressive has made significant investments. The company has a number of patents associated with its use-based insurance, called “Snapshot.”

“Snapshot” is a program that “rewards you for good driving,” and gives you personalized car insurance coverage that is based on how you actually drive. Your insurance rates are determined through a combination of traditional factors and data collected on your actual driving behavior.

The data is collected through the use of a mobile app and a plug-in device provided by Progressive. This device monitors behaviors such as excessive speed, hard braking, the typical hours during which you drive, and how much you drive. All of these factors have an impact on accident risk, but instead of being generalized into a pool of similar drivers, your insurance rates take your actual driving into consideration.

Snapshot is not available in North Carolina or California due to differences in state regulations, and the discount is not available in Hawaii, Alaska, or New York. 

What Types of Insurance Coverage Does Progressive Offer?

Progressive offers personal lines insurance, commercial auto, and “other indemnity.” Here are some of the types of insurance coverage available within its personal lines offerings:

  • Auto Insurance: Auto insurance protects you from financial loss related to car accidents or other claims such as theft. Progressive offers liability coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, and more such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. They also offer roadside assistance and will customize your auto insurance to fit your needs.
  • Homeowners Insurance:  Progressive offers homeowners insurance to protect you from financial losses if your home is damaged by a covered peril, or if you’re found liable for property damage or injuries.
  • Condominium Insurance: Progressive also offers condo insurance, to protect your personal property. Similar to homeowners insurance, it offers liability coverage that is separate from what your condo association insurance covers.
  • Renters Insurance: Progressive offers insurance for renters, which covers personal property and liability coverage if someone is injured at your apartment. It also covers additional living expenses incurred if your apartment is not considered habitable due to a covered loss.  
  • Umbrella Coverage: Progressive offers umbrella coverage that protects your assets in the event of a liability claim that exceeds the limits of your homeowners or auto insurance policy.  
  • Boat Insurance: Progressive’s watercraft insurance coverage protects you from losses associated with damage to your boat from an accident or covered event. From powerboats to Jet Skis/WaveRunners to Pontoon boats to fishing boats, Progressive offers insurance for most types of watercraft up to 50 feet long and valued at $500,000 or less. Progressive’s boat insurance includes liability coverage to protect you against losses if someone is injured on your boat.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Progressive is one of the largest insurers of motorcycles in the United States. Motorcycle insurance can include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Progressive insures most types of motorcycles, including sport bikes, dirt bikes, custom, vintage, and touring motorcycles. They also offer coverage for ATVs and scooters.
  • Travel Insurance: Progressive offers travel insurance through InsureMyTrip. This can provide you with peace of mind that your vacation plans will be protected against a variety of mishaps, including covered flight delays, medical care, and other unforeseen problems.
  • Pet Injury Coverage Insurance: Progressive offers pet injury insurance at no additional charge as part of its vehicle collision coverage. If your dog or cat is injured in a collision, their care is covered as part of your claim. This is different from Pet Health Insurance, which Progressive also offers.
  • Pet Insurance: In addition to the pet injury coverage that is included with Progressive auto collision coverage, the company also offers pet insurance through Pets Best. Policy types offered include accident only, accident & illness, and routine care. These policies help to protect you from costs associated with veterinary care for your pet.
  • Special Event Coverage: Progressive offers one-day event insurance designed to protect from financial losses associated with specific events, such as weddings. There are two types of coverage available, liability protection and event cancellation. You can even add additional coverage for specific items, such as a wedding dress.

What Discounts Does Progressive Offer?

One of the most convenient ways to save money with Progressive is by “bundling” different policies since Progressive offers many different lines of insurance. If you have multiple lines of insurance such as a homeowners policy, an auto policy, and a motorcycle policy, bundling all three together with Progressive could save you money.

The most common bundle is an auto policy bundled with a personal residence policy—such as auto and homeowners, auto and renters, or auto and condo.

Even if you don’t have homeowners insurance with Progressive, you can still save money by combining two or more insurance policies, such as auto and motorcycle, or auto and boat.

Homeowners can save money on their insurance by adding a burglar alarm, having an automatic fire suppression sprinkler system, or a monitored security system. You can also save money by paying your annual bill in full.

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The Bottom Line

Progressive is a large insurer that offers a wide array of policies. No matter what you are looking to insure, Progressive is likely to have an insurance product to match your needs.

This variety of options makes it simple to bundle your insurance products to save money. With Progressive, you are also getting a company that stays on the cutting edge of technology. If the ability to use a smartphone to manage your policy is important to you, talk to your agent or connect with an Expert Agent today to see if Progressive is the right fit for you.


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